WhatsApp Group

Calling all TLB Babes!

We are now on Whatsapp! To be part of our Whatsapp Group either DM us on Facebook, Instagram or drop us an email with #TLBWHATSAPP your name and mobile number.

Once you have done that you will need to save our number to your contacts TLB-07368 183888.

Stay up to date with New Arrivals, Sneak Peaks and Behind the Scenes of our Photoshoots!

Don't worry your info will not be shared with anyone in the group or to third parties! 

Our WhatsApp Group is a broadcast list rather than a standard whatsapp message, you will all be hidden!

PLEASE NOTE - our whatsapp channels cannot take any online or store enquires however you can catch us on Facebook, Instagram, E-mail and Live Chat on our website.